Interception of WEB encrypted stream

Today, to protect our internet traffic, we exploit different encryption protocols conceived to add one or more security functions (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, accountability) on protocols that do not have it natively. One of the most used is TLS (Transport Layer Security) developed by the IETF, and that is the evolution of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) […]

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Alcasar : a solution specialized in the traceability of access

In France, Companies, no matter their size, are responsible of their Internet connection network, especially if they offer a free access to Wi-Fi (hotels, camping, bars, Internet cafés…). To respect the French LCEN (Loi pour la Confiance dans l’Economie Numérique – Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy), they have to put in place a […]

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The ambitions of Caliopen

Caliopen is no software but a set of open source software and its goal is to preserve exchanges that do not have to be public and transit by emails, social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and later on, text messages. Created for public audience (but not for an installation on a personal computer) […]

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Cyberwar : how to paralyze the USA really (part.1)

Cyberwar and cyberattacks : the reality on the ground by Eric Filiol Email: ESIEA – CNS/(C+ V)O Laboratory     BIO Eric Filiol is the head of (C+V)O research lab at ESIEA, France and senior consultant in offensive cybersecurity and intelligence. He spent 22 years in the French Army (Infantry/Marine Corps). He holds an […]

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Avast can access all your personal information

What confidence can we give to anti-virus ? According to its first mission, the analysis of files and data streams on a computer, the anti-virus takes up a strategic place. Benefiting from administrator privileges, it is able to modify all the system’s parameters without the intervention of the administrator. Or, Avast antivirus can access to […]

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